COVID-19 Impact Survey

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020 @ 12:30PM

The COVID-19 pandemic affecting the nation, the world, right now is an unprecedented event.  Now, more than ever, research is important and can provide probation professionals, state oversight agencies, legislators, and stakeholders with invaluable information to learn from this crisis. The purpose of this project is to gather feedback from staff at various levels within community corrections agencies on how the COVID-19 crisis has affected their organization as a whole, business operations, financial impacts, how it’s affected individual staff members, offenders and so on.  The scope of this project focuses on Administration and Supervision officer issues.

Why You Should Participate
This survey is different from the others you may have received in that it was developed by a group of professionals IN Texas FOR Texas and will hopefully provide us with useful information to share with each other, with TDCJ, our specific oversight agencies, and Texas Legislators for the upcoming session in January, 2021. The final report will be posted on the TPA Website.

Who should Participate
We want ALL staff members in your Department that are management personnel, including Directors, Deputy Directors, Unit Managers for supervision officers and court officers, certified community supervision officers with a caseload, including regular caseloads, specialized caseloads, court officers, etc. and Information Technology personnel to complete the survey. However, we are NOT surveying Pre-Trial/Bond Supervision officers in this survey or other CSCD personnel. Please see attached Project Overview for more clarification on who we want you to forward this to. If your agency participated in the beta survey testing, we still want you and target staff to take this official survey

Information about Participation
Your participation in this survey is voluntary and confidential. You may stop this survey at any time, but incomplete surveys may have a negative affect on the final dataset. Information will be reported in aggregate form. Your identity will not be revealed in any published material that might result from this study. There are no foreseeable personal risks or benefits associated with participating in this study. However, your responses will help decision-makers understand how correctional agencies are responding and dealing with COVID-19 and what concerns you have for the future.

How do I participate
The survey will take a little longer than most surveys who’ve experienced recently because the workgroup is trying to gather as much detailed information as possible so that we have a large representative sample of objective data statewide going into the Legislative session. Depending on your position within the Department it could take 30-40 minutes to complete. The importance of this survey cannot be overstated.

CLICK below to take the survey or copy and paste into your browser:

Please contact me if you have any questions. Dr. Kelli D. Martin, at 817-888-0209 or at kmartin@cscd.orgT

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