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Corrections Software Solutions

Since 1993, Corrections Software Solutions has been in the Corrections/Community Supervision market. We offer product lines that service only the corrections/supervision industry allowing our program developers, trainers and help desk to focus on one product line. We are not selling our case management application, yet we are providing an ongoing service to your department to ensure latest technology and relevant reporting needs are met while still maintaining a user-friendly application. Our customer retention proves we are dedicated to the product we provide and the customers we service.

We have provided outstanding product lines and support year after year which is reflected in our annual survey results and customer retention. The verbal recognition we receive from our customers either through referrals or when we see them in the field provides confirmation that our work and dedication to the application is valued. We are happy to have 370 departments serviced and 7,000 users touching our application daily.

The mission of Corrections Software Solutions is to automate and provide the departments we serve with tools to improve efficiency, employee morale, client success and administration effectiveness through eliminating repetitive processes and improving operations. Providing superior customer service to existing clients while developing new market relationships allows us to build business diversity and stay on top as an industry leader.


Recovery Monitoring Solutions

For the past twenty-eight years, Recovery Monitoring Solutions’ dedicated staff has worked closely with probation departments, court officers, judges, district attorneys and other criminal justice officials in every major Texas City to reduce incarceration and lower recidivism.
We currently serve 7,800 clients in over 130 counties and judicial districts in seven states with GPS tracking, alcohol monitoring, drug testing and substance abuse programming. Our company is adept at implementing and managing new programs as well as assuming the operation of those already established. We are committed to applying our skills to ensure the successful operation of your agency’s participant monitoring program.
With 22 offices and five mobile field technicians positioned throughout the Texas, Recovery Monitoring Solutions is large and resourceful enough to deliver the very best programs and services yet small and nimble enough to respond immediately to all your organization’s needs. We believe a key component to working with our government partners lies in our efforts to remain accessible and proactive throughout the term of the contract. Rather than securing an agreement and fading from view, our staff will frequently follow-up with your agency’s leadership to make sure the program is being managed in the most effective fashion possible, meeting or exceeding your standards from implementation to full term completion.



Intoxalock has over 27 years of ignition interlock expertise and continues leading the industry with reliable devices, convenient locations and unbeatable monitoring solutions. With customers in all 50 states and more locations than any other ignition interlock provider, Intoxalock makes the process quick and convenient. In fact, Intoxalock has a location within 15 miles of over 91% of all customers and more than 350 locations in Texas. Intoxalock is the only device provider integrated with Corrections Software Solutions (CSS) case management system. This integration improves monitoring and reduces time officers spend logging into multiple systems. This integration is currently live in more than 230 counties. For more information on this integration or Intoxalock’s products, email Bryan Church, our Texas Business Development Representative at



Reconnect’s mission is to revolutionize the criminal justice industry by providing technology to allow pretrial, probation, and parole to monitor their participants with less manpower at a lower cost. We believe that we can help solve the incarceration crisis and help break the cycle of revolving door prisons by applying modern technology to this industry.

Reconnect’s solutions automate your daily tasks and allow you to perform them remotely—all while alleviating caseloads so more care can be given to program participants themselves.

Reconnect’s solutions were designed to eliminate busywork, empower participants, and let programs embrace remote accountability.  Improve program efficacy and make the progression from program enrollment to graduation simple, efficient, and holistic.


LifeSafer + SCRAM

You may already know SCRAM Systems® as a leading provider of electronic monitoring and software solutions for the criminal justice industry, and LifeSafer® as a leader in alcohol testing and monitoring. Now, SCRAM Systems and LifeSafer have merged to completely revolutionize the way probation departments and community corrections agencies monitor and manage their clients.

Combining SCRAM System’s industry-leading alcohol and location monitoring products, software solutions, and mobile applications for client monitoring and engagement, along with LifeSafer’s ignition interlock and portable alcohol monitoring products, will enable us to offer a full spectrum of alcohol and location monitoring solutions.

LifeSafer and SCRAM Systems share a common set of values and commitment to the community, our customers, and those we monitor. Together, we deliver solutions that enable better decision making, promote enhanced client supervision and accountability, and provide alternatives to incarceration that also help achieve better outcomes. As one, we look forward to partnering with you to achieve your own goals.



Alcohol Countermeasure Systems

Alcohol Countermeasure Systems (ACS) is a leading producer of alcohol interlocks and breath alcohol testers. Originally designed for law enforcement in 1976, the ACS product line has expanded to serve the automotive, industrial, law enforcement, public and personal safety markets. With numerous patents worldwide, ACS remains a pioneer by employing over 400 industry experts to produce some of the most accurate and reliable alcohol sensing equipment available in the industry. Corporate headquarters are located in Toronto, Canada. Customer service is supported globally through our satellite offices in Australia, Europe, Asia and the United States of America.


Smart Start


Privately held Smart Start, Inc. is a leader in alcohol monitoring with its ignition interlock and IN-HOM® alcohol testing devices and its SmarTox drug testing products and services. It provides fully integrated services encompassing design, manufacturing, installation, customer service, monitoring and administrative support. Since its creation in 1992, Smart Start has become a leading global player in the Ignition Interlock industry. Smart Start is headquartered in Irving, Texas, and offers its services and products through more than 1,000 company-owned and franchised locations in the United States Europe, Latin America, New Zealand, and Australia. 800.880.3394

Smart Start® saves lives by Separating Drinking From Driving.

Pegasus Schools, Inc. Residential Treatment Center is a growing and vibrant environment where up to 175 neglected and abused boys come to live, work, and receive an education and treatment for a variety of presenting problems.  Our mission is to break the vicious cycle of child abuse by providing intervention and redirection to abused, neglected, emotionally disturbed, and adjudicated boys. 



At Averhealth, our mission is to reclaim lives, unite families, and strengthen communities by creating and providing the smartest, most innovative, and cost-effective solutions for substance use disorder monitoring and treatment. 

We’ve been delivering drug testing programs specific to criminal justice programs since 1995. Our focus is and has always been to work as a partner to support programs through superior reliability and exceptional customer service and support. We’re proud to say that our very first customer is still our customer today. 

Our predictive, patient-centered, individualized testing, monitoring, and care management tools combine the power of technology and the collaboration of a dedicated support team. The result: Better outcomes, and better communities.

Averhealth, Avertest, Aversys, and the associated logos and all associated marks are registered trademarks or service marks of Avertest, LLC.


Gold Sponsors

Compliance Consortium Corporation

In summation, Compliance Consortium Corporation is recognized as one of the proven leaders in the drug and alcohol testing industry because of its quality of service, integrity in the process and is second to none in the expertise they enjoy.



Alcohol and drugs pose a great danger to road traffic. For about 60 years, Dräger has been working on the development of a reliable and precise measurement technology to improve the safety of all road users.


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Micro Distributing


Gulf Coast Trade Center


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Mel Brown and Associates


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