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Corrections Software Solutions


Corrections Software Solutions is the leading provider of Case Management Software to Texas CSCD’s.  In business since 1993, with approximately 90 of the 122 Texas CSCD’s as clients, our application and service is efficient, stable and proven.  Departments across the state have experienced efficiency in operations, a high percentage of CSTS submissions, and overall improved environments.  How can Corrections Software Solutions help you? 



, Recovery Healthcare




For the past twenty-two years, Recovery Healthcare Corporation’s dedicated staff has worked closely with probation departments, court officers, judges, district attorneys and other criminal justice officials in every major Texas City (population greater than 25,000) to reduce incarceration, lower recidivism, and eviscerate overall operating expenses for County governments.  

As an experienced substance abuse counseling, sobriety and location verification provider currently serving more than 7,600 defendants/offenders in over 130 counties and judicial districts in three states, our company is adept at implementing and managing new programs as well as assuming the operation of those already established.  We are committed to applying our skills to ensure the successful operation of your agency’s offender monitoring program.

With over 20 offices and nine mobile field technicians positioned throughout the state, Recovery Healthcare Corporation is large and resourceful enough to deliver the very best in location and sobriety verification and substance abuse treatment services yet small and nimble enough to respond immediately to all of the Department’s needs.  Unencumbered by the constraints associated with larger organizations, President/Chief Executive Officer Larry Vanderwoude has the unique ability to act immediately, decisively and independently to commit his company’s financial and human resources to this project as necessary to maintain customer satisfaction.

We believe a key component to engendering cooperation with our clients lies in our efforts to remain accessible and proactive throughout the term of the contract.  Rather than securing an agreement and fading from view, Mr. Vanderwoude and his staff will frequently follow-up with Department leadership to make sure the drug-testing program is being implemented in the most effective fashion possible, meeting or exceeding the agency’s standards from implementation to full term completion.


Alcohol Countermeasure Systems

Alcohol Countermeasure Systems (ACS) is a leading producer of alcohol interlocks and breath alcohol testers. Originally designed for law enforcement in 1976, the ACS product line has expanded to serve the automotive, industrial, law enforcement, public and personal safety markets. With numerous patents worldwide, ACS remains a pioneer by employing over 400 industry experts to produce some of the most accurate and reliable alcohol sensing equipment available in the industry. Corporate headquarters are located in Toronto, Canada. Customer service is supported globally through our satellite offices in Australia, Europe, Asia and the United States of America.


Management & Training Corporation

MTC has been making a social impact in people’s lives since 1981.

  • Providing effective rehabilitative programs and services to offenders to make their time in prison more productive and to reduce re-offending.
  • Education and training your Americans sot they have the technical and life skills they need to find and keep good jobs.
  • Caring for the medical, dental and mental health needs of inmates and detainees.
  • Providing workforce training to citizens of  other countries so they can take care of themselves and their families.
  • Reducing re-offending in the United Kingdom by providing transitional services to offenders, probationers, and parolees.

Smart Start


Privately held Smart Start, Inc. is a leader in alcohol monitoring with its ignition interlock and IN-HOM® alcohol testing devices and its SmarTox drug testing products and services. It provides fully integrated services encompassing design, manufacturing, installation, customer service, monitoring and administrative support. Since its creation in 1992, Smart Start has become a leading global player in the Ignition Interlock industry. Smart Start is headquartered in Irving, Texas, and offers its services and products through more than 1,000 company-owned and franchised locations in the United States Europe, Latin America, New Zealand, and Australia. 800.880.3394

Smart Start® saves lives by Separating Drinking From Driving.


attentiAttenti’s mission is to create a positive social impact by providing innovative electronic monitoring solutions of superior quality and value for law enforcement and corrections agencies.

Pegasus Schools, Inc.Pegasus Schools, Inc. Residential Treatment Center is a growing and vibrant environment where up to 175 neglected and abused boys come to live, work, and receive an education and treatment for a variety of presenting problems.  Our mission is to break the vicious cycle of child abuse by providing intervention and redirection to abused, neglected, emotionally disturbed, and adjudicated boys. 

Hamer Enterprises

For over 40 years, Hamer Enterprises has specialized in Public Sector Solutions. Products have addressed Property Appraisal, Property Tax Collection, Voting, Justice Systems, and eCommerce. Our solutions are focused on providing a “citizen centric” experience for the government entities and the citizens they serve.

Compliance Consortium Corporation

In summation, Compliance Consortium Corporation is recognized as one of the proven leaders in the drug and alcohol testing industry because of its quality of service, integrity in the process and is second to none in the expertise they enjoy.

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