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The Texas Probation Journal is a practitioner journal for those interested in community corrections issues, both juvenile and adult disciplines, in Texas. There are over 700 members of TPA across the state who receive a copy of the TPA Journal each quarter, with a wide audience of readership such as high-level executives, judges, probation officers and the like. The journal is published quarterly: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Articles published in the journal reflect current thought, practice, and research in community corrections and related issues in Texas. Authors include not only academicians and researchers, but also attorneys and “front-line” probation and pretrial corrections staff.

The editors seek material that is either directly related to the professional interests or readers or of significant peripheral interest. Articles of interest include descriptions of new or innovative programs, policies or approaches in juvenile and/or adult community corrections, training, legal issues, explanations of relevant ideas or concepts, and critiques of current practice. The journal embraces a wide spectrum of topics. Recent issues have addressed risk assessment, evidence-based practices, a wide range of specialty courts or problem-solving courts, issues surrounding sex offenders, scholarly literature involving what works with Driving While Intoxicated offenses and domestic violence, and legal cases impacting the field.

Those submitting manuscripts for consideration should note that the editors of the Journal are looking for articles that are current, relevant material. Original manuscripts are accepted and manuscripts can also have been published previously elsewhere, but permission from the author(s) and/or journal or other source should accompany the submission.

Authors preparing and submitting manuscripts should:

  •  Use Times Roman font size 12, one-inch margins, and be double-spaced.
  •  In general keep the manuscript length between 1,500 and 10,000 words; longer manuscripts will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  •  Follow the American Psychological Association(APA) style of formatting.
  •  For quoted material of more than three single please type lines single-spaced and indented on both sides.
  •  Footnotes are acceptable, but are not to be used for references or citations, and are to be used sparingly.
  •  Use tables and figures sparingly and not duplicate information already covered in-depth in the text.
  •  Send photos of each contributing author, preferably a head shot.
  •  Include a short bio of each contributing author.

Authors preparing submissions to be included in the section “News from the Field,” which includes happenings at various departments around the state(these are not considered scholarly articles), follow the same guidelines as above; however, no author photo or bio is needed if the piece is a short couple of sentences. These types of pieces are usually not very lengthy. Please try and send photos of the activity or announcement that is reported in the “news”.

Email submission in Microsoft Word format to both Co-Editors of the Journal.

Submission Deadlines

  • Winter – 12/25
  • Spring – 3/25
  • Summer – 6/25
  • Fall – 9/25

Active TPA members can view past TPA Journals by clicking the link below:

Past TPA Journals

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